karen gillan is may headcannon for lily evans just saying


Harry Potter: Complete Series (2001-2011)

Every frame of the Harry Potter movies, condensed into a barcode. Interesting to see the choice of color palettes for each film!

#oh my god #look at this #how it starts off with reds and oranges and purples #bright colors #and then it gets continuously darker towards the end #it’s so fitting to the story #and then there is that strip of white at the end #which has to be the king’s cross scene #and it’s just #light #in a dark time #which is extremely beautiful

this is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen.


The actors reading their character’s first appearance in the books.

Goin’ Back To Hogwarts - Starkid’s: A Very Potter Musical

I have the biggest crush on Joey Richter.

I can’t lie, that boy has stolen my heart. He’s perfect. <3


I really really love this drawing. It’s by viria13.

is that… hermione?